Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Street Team

By Cliff Grefe
Marketing Intern

As a new Marketing Intern in the theater, I was asked by Marketing Director Esty Dinur to form a street team. A street team is a highly effective way to raise awareness for any cause. Having one is especially crucial for organizations that are located near a college campus or downtown area, like the Wisconsin Union Theater, where people are often interested in hearing about what's going on around town. The basic concept is to gather a group of motivated, social people who consistently go out and directly interact with others to tell them about the events that we are coming up.

Many know me as Zooniversity Music. This music duo that I was a part of gained national attention through these very same techniques. With little to no budget we managed to push our music to all corners of the country by utilizing guerrilla marketing and social media. Teach Me How To Bucky is now one of the most known songs to ever come out of Wisconsin.

Although typically used in the entertainment industry, this type of grassroots marketing can be utilized across a variety of industries. Most of the time these people will be seen passing out flyers but there are countless other things that a street team can do. They can employ other guerrilla marketing techniques such as chalking, sticker bombing, and public demonstrations, and anything else that might call the attention of the crowd. Some plan mock street performances or flash mobs. 

While being on a street team is typically unpaid or compensated in a monetary way, people often participate to form connections with others within the community. Also, most of the members of these street teams have a sense of pride in what they are promoting. It is a fun way to get some real life marketing experience and collaborate with larger organizations. Members of the street team can be seen as the conduit between the larger organization and the event attendee. Plus it's fun. 

In the current age of mass media people are bombarded with an incredible amount of advertisements every day and most of these people don't want to see them at all. Every way one turns it seems like somebody is waiting to attack with the next incredible product or service. The value that comes with meeting and talking with a real person, in today’s world, creates a much better impression. Street teams are an effective way to create hype in the local area through word-of-mouth and excitement.

Here is an example of some of the basic street team strategies that I mentioned.

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